Director of Education Coalitions
Edwin Aybar

Edwin Aybar became the Director of Education Coalitions for the Rio Grande Foundation in 2021. Prior to joining the foundation he worked for the Libre Initiative and taught music at New Mexico Highlands University, the University of Jamestown, and at several community colleges. Before earning his Doctorate in Music from NDSU, Edwin earned a Masters degree in music history from USD and another Masters in piano performance from Southern Illinois University. His undergraduate degree was done at the Wheaton conservatory of music in Chicago. Besides his work in academia, Edwin has owned a dance studio in Fargo, ND that has continued strong since his departure, as well as owned a small real estate company focusing on apartment rentals.

Edwin’s family moved to the U.S. mainland from Puerto Rico when he was 10 years of age. He grew up in a rural town of Minnesota where he still has ties, although his immediate family all live in Minneapolis. He met his wife in North Dakota before moving to New Mexico where they live with their children. They love swimming, keeping in touch with family, movies, and dancing. Edwin continues to teach music and dance through different homeschooling groups in Albuquerque.