Carlsbad District 3 School Board Survey

Tiffany Shirley

Should there be a mask requirement for children going back to schools  in the fall? 

No, I don’t believe a mask should be required. 

2) Do you believe that the State and your district returned students to their  classrooms: Too Early, At the right time, or Not quickly enough? (pick  one). 

I do not believe the State allowed our students to return to their  classrooms quickly enough and, unfortunately, our students suffered  greatly due to this. 

3) Districts are one potential charter school authorizer in the State of New  Mexico. Could you offer a brief sentence or two regarding your feelings on  charter schools and your support/opposition in your district? 

I believe that the more options that our families have in  education, the more likely we are to find what truly propels our  children towards success in their individual education, and their lives  well beyond their school years. I support having as many options as  possible for our local families to choose from, whether that be public,  private, charter, online or home school education options. 

4) What kind of accountability tools do you believe should be implemented  at the district level to improve student outcomes? How would you work  within your school board to improve student outcomes?  

I frequently tell our employees “Tell me what makes your job  easier, what tools you need to be more efficient and successful”. If  we aren’t willing to listen to the ones with their boots on the ground, 

carrying out our orders, we are silencing our greatest asset for  improvement. I would love to hear from our local educators on this  subject. I am a full supporter of transparency in every area of  education, and I believe part of that transparency comes from  listening to those that we entrust our precious children with every  day. This is another reason why local control of our education  system is so crucial. 

5) If it does not already do so, would you support creating an online  transparency portal to include annual budget information, employee  salaries, administrator contracts, and other public records? 

Yes, 100%! Easily accessible public transparency is crucial. Our  district has taken large strides in recent years to become more  transparent, and although I believe there is much more work to be  done here, I applaud the improvements they have made so far.  

6) In your view, is Critical Race Theory, particularly the  

oppressor/oppressed dynamics it teaches, appropriate for middle and high  school classrooms? 

No, I do not support the use of CRT curriculum in any of our  classrooms.