Alamogordo Public Schools

Sara Weihausen

  • Should there be a mask requirement for children going back to schools in the fall?


  •  Do you believe that the State and your district returned students to their classrooms: Too Early, At the right time, or Not quickly enough? (pick one).

Too Early

  • Districts are one potential charter school authorizer in the State of New Mexico. Could you offer a brief sentence or two regarding your feelings on charter schools and your support/opposition in your district?

I think Charter schools could be a great alternative to public schools, although at the moment our Governor is still mandating the same rules for all schools public or private. I also still believe we need to bring local control back to our public schools. Choice is good, but we still have to stop the indoctrination in the public schools.

  • What kind of accountability tools do you believe should be implemented at the district level to improve student outcomes? How would you work within your school board to improve student outcomes?

The number one problem is what is being forced into the schools by the state and teacher’s unions. We have to get them out of our schools. They are not teaching basic academics. So, first we need to get back to academics and include assessments within each subject to monitor student success and continue to adjust the pace to bring the students back to where they should be for each grade level.    

  • If it does not already do so, would you support creating an online transparency portal to include annual budget information, employee salaries, administrator contracts, and other public records?

Yes, the school district and how it is run should be transparent.

  • In your view, is Critical Race Theory, particularly the oppressor/oppressed dynamics it teaches, appropriate for middle and high school classrooms?

Critical Race Theory is absolutely not appropriate for any grade level. Sadly, it is being taught here and throughout this state and needs to be removed, as does the Restorative Justice school discipline programs that go along with it.

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