About Opportunity for All Kids

Holding New Mexico’s education system accountable

Our Mission

Launched in 2021, Opportunity for All Kids (OAK) is a dedicated to advocating for educational choice for parents, students, and teachers, and broad-based education reform in New Mexico.

OAK aims to effectively target, engage, and rally New Mexicans and support needed education reforms, including choice and accountability.

3 conference tracks.

18 speakers.

5 conference sponsors.

100 attendees invested in a child-focused future.

Opportunity for All Kids Annual Conference

Even before the pandemic lockdowns, the New Mexico education system underperformed. After years of being ranked at 49th and 50th, our system has slid further into disrepair. New Mexico is now ranked 51st in the nation for education.

New Mexico’s children are more vulnerable than ever to learning loss. It’s time to find alternatives to New Mexico’s faltering education system. Our children and families deserve an education system that sets them up for success. Join the Rio Grande Foundation and collaborate on ideas and strategies for a more child-focused future.