Effects of Lockdown

We have only begun to see the effects that these misguided lockdowns will have on students of all ages. This USA Today article on the effects of the school lockdowns opened my eyes to areas that I had not considered previously. The loss of learning is only scratching the surface of how damaging government actions have been this past year, especially for the most vulnerable among us. Children have learned to be afraid of germs to the point of immobility. They have learned to comply with politician’s whims and not to question their demands. They have learned to pull away from their neighbors, faith communities, and family members in order to “stay safe.” The harm that we have collectively allowed on our most vulnerable children in the name of safety is horrific. Millions of children around the country will see detrimental effects in their lives for years to come. Let’s hope that most of the population of this country resolves to never allow something like this to happen again. 

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